2021-22 Season Recap

As the end of the school year approaches, the Winsor Robotics club has been continuing off-season meetings. We are currently working on an outreach robot to use during joint meetings with other FTC teams and during club fairs in order to encourage people to join the team. We are also planning future outreach events and hope to participate in the Cambridge Science Festival this coming October! 

To commemorate this wonderful FTC season 2021-22, we want to give a recap of the most notable events so far. At the start of our fourth season, the Winsor Robotics club attended the FTC Kickoff event at Natick High School. We learned about outreach, coding, building, as well as mentorship, and we undoubtedly used that knowledge to enhance our FTC season. We also had a joint meeting with Team Unlimited, where we shared our robots, strategies, and outreach plans. In November, our heads came to the decision of splitting our club into two collaborative yet individual teams. Due to our high influx of new members this year and the 15-person per team FTC regulation, we felt it was important to create two teams to ensure that all members would get the best FTC experience possible. Later in the year, both the Winsor Wildbots and Winsor Wirecats attended the regional qualifier at Andover High School. The Wirecats won the Motivate Award and the Wildbots won the Connect Award, qualifying us to go to the state competition! At the state competition hosted by Natick High School, the Wildbots were awarded the Mechanical Design award. 

Throughout all of the events this year, we have grown significantly as a club and are so thankful for all these opportunities. Thank you all for supporting the Winsor Robotics club throughout the 2021-22 season, and we hope to see you next year!