We have compiled a few documents and tools to help other teams, so please take a look at them if you are interested!

If you are looking for guidance regarding how to contact companies and advertise your team in a clear and visually appealing way, take a look at our public relations (PR) packet below.

PR Packet 

Below is a link to our business plan. If you are a beginning team looking for examples of business plans or an organization seeking to learn more about the Wildbots, see our business plan.

Business Plan

The document below is a project that the Wildbots came up with at the end of the 2017-2018 season. We encountered many problems throughout the season, so we decided to describe the major problems we had and the solutions we found for them in a centralized document. If you find that you are struggling with some challenging problems during the season, look through our “How to Solve Problems” guide to see if we found a solution to a similar challenge.

How to Solve Problems: A Documentation of How We Solved Some of Our Challenges

We also created a version of this guide for problems we faced related to business and outreach.

How to Solve Problems: Business/Outreach