We have compiled a few documents and tools to help other teams, so please take a look at them if you are interested!

Here is our Engineering Portfolio for the 2020-21 season. We worked really hard to share the most important aspects of our team in a comprehensive, packed, and easy-to-read 15 pager. Everyone on our team worked on various aspects of the content in the portfolio, and our business team worked hard to create a professional design!

Engineering Portfolio

Below is our 2020-21 Engineering Notebook (entries up till the first qualifier). We used Canva for the design of general team information, and we used Latex for the layout of the entries.

Engineering Notebook

If you are looking for information about supporting our team or guidance regarding how to contact companies and advertise your team in a clear and visually appealing way, take a look at our public relations (PR) packet below.

PR Packet 

Below is a link to our business plan. If you are a beginning team looking for examples of business plans or an organization seeking to learn more about the Wildbots, see our business plan.

Business Plan

The document below is a project that the Wildbots came up with at the end of the 2018-2019 season. We encountered many problems throughout the season, so we decided to describe the major problems we had and the solutions we found for them in a centralized document. If you find that you are struggling with some challenging problems during the season, look through our “How to Solve Problems” guide to see if we found a solution to a similar challenge.

How to Solve Problems: A Documentation of How We Solved Some of Our Challenges

We also created a version of this guide for problems we faced related to business and outreach.

How to Solve Problems: Business/Outreach