The First Tech Challenge

The FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is a competition in which each team designs, builds, and programs a robot to complete certain tasks outlined at the beginning of the season. FTC is a division of FIRST Inspires, an organization which hosts several youth robotics leagues. FTC does not solely focus on robotics; the organization also inspires students to connect with their peers, work with corporations, and make a positive impact on their communities.

For the 2021-2022 season, the challenge is called Freight Frenzy. There are several different components to the game. As usual, there are two periods of the challenge: the autonomous period and the driver-controlled period. The main goals for the autonomous period are to deliver a rubber duck via spinning a carousel, manage robot navigation (park at a certain place when the game ends), and place freight (small boxes and balls) on storage units and shipping hubs. During the Driver-Controlled Period, the goals are: delivering and placing freight in alliance shipping hub (three levels of difficulty), delivering freight to the alliance storage unit, delivering rubber ducks or team shipping element via a  spinning carousel, tipping the shared shipping hub towards our alliance, capping our alliance shipping hub, and parking in a warehouse.

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