Second Qualifier

Our second qualifier was quite an experience! For most of the competition, we faced several problems with our robot: phone connectivity issues, static electricity interference, and wire confusion, just to name a few. Despite the issues we faced, we persevered and eventually pulled it together and worked hard until the end of the qualification matches. Excitingly, we were picked by Rosie’s Riveters, a Natick High School team, to participate in an alliance for the semi-final round. We worked not only with each other but also other mentors and teams to prepare our robot for the semi-final matches. While our alliance team did not advance to the final round, we felt gratified for our efforts.

Additionally, we received the Think Award for our engineering design process, which was reflected in our engineering notebook. Receiving this award qualified us to compete at the Massachusetts State Competition!

At the end of the competition, we learned many new lessons and more about each other. Furthermore, we built new relationships and alliances with other teams. We look forward to using what we learned and our new relationships before and at the state competition.