Kicking Off the 2019-2020 Season!

The Wildbots are thrilled to kick of their third season with the 2019-2020 FTC Challenge: Skystone! Our team has grown considerably since last year and of course, the more minds, the better. We started out the year with a rigorous brainstorming and design process to tackle this year’s challenge. Our main goals are: 1) to build a functioning arm and grab mechanism to pick up stones/LEGO blocks 2) to build a small comparable mechanism to drag the foundation 3) Design a fun and creative capstone to mark our tallest tower 4) Have Fun! We’ve come up with various innovative designs for our robot this year to tackle the challenge. We want to aim to have a shorter and lighter robot that can strafe (move side to side) and be quick and efficient. We are excited to continue to build and test robot components and eventually have a fully functioning robot.