First Scrimmage of the Season- Recap

We attended our first scrimmage at Revere High School on December 7, 2019. We began the day by setting up our table and testing on the robot. There also happened to be a FLL qualifier at the same location on the other half of the gym so we were able to do some scouting and connect with some of the teams. We were also happy to help with the robot and field inspections for the other seven teams since the officials were a bit shorthanded. Since there weren’t that many teams at the scrimmage, we were able to get in more practice matches. Throughout all of our matches during the autonomous period, we were able to consistently drag the foundation into the building zone and park underneath the bridge. Tele-op went a lot better after we adjusted some of our control settings. We got plenty of driving practice and discovered new adjustments that we could make to improve our gripping mechanism.

We ended the scrimmage on a high note and plenty of new ideas. We look forward to doing further testing and making our robot more efficient. We wish other teams the best of luck at upcoming qualifiers!