Constantly adapting and being flexible, the Winsor Wildbots team continues to further our learning in the midst of a pandemic. We have, of course, come across many challenges: school policy only allows us high schoolers to come in on Thursdays and Fridays, the Wildbots are not allowed to work as a club on those days, and thus the team has one day together to work on the weekends. On Saturdays, we are split into two groups, a morning group and an afternoon group. For each time slot, there is an option to attend the meeting remotely or in person at Winsor, which allows those who either can’t commute or are quarantining to still participate. Although this requires a lot of communication, we are using Slack to stay organized and connected throughout the week and zoom during the meetings. As a very tech-orientated club, you might not expect it, but we sometimes have zoom problems too! We started out the year meeting exclusively online but once we figured out a safe procedure for meeting in person, we got to floating ideas off each other and building. Although we are not in the most convenient of situations, we are still working hard to compensate around being in the COVID-19 pandemic and are excited for the new season!