Kicking off the 2020-2021 season!

The Winsor Wildbots are excited to kick off their fourth season with the First FTC Challenge: Ultimate Goal! Our team has developed, expanded, and advanced since last year, and this year we started off with brainstorming to help us tackle the challenge. There are two periods of the challenge: the autonomous period and the driver-controlled period. Our main goals in the autonomous period are: to deliver wobble goals to a target zone, robot navigation – parked at a certain place when the game ends, the tower goal – each ring that enters the Low, Medium, or High goals earns a different amount of points, and power shots – launch rings at a target. Our main goals in the driver-controlled period are: the tower goal, returning the rings to the playing field, stacking maximum rings on wobble goal, power shots, delivering wobble goals to a target zone during the end game – last 30 seconds of the period, and bringing each wobble goal back to the start line or dropping them over the barrier and into the drop zone for points. We have researched and come up with various designs for the most efficient strategies. We are excited to test more prototypes, build and code, and continue our journey through this season’s challenge!