Updates On Each Sub-team

Hi everyone! Here is our update on each sub-team as the Wildbots make progress during the 2020-21 season. In the building sub-team, we have been working on the mechanics for shooting rings at the tower goal, and we have tested our prototypes on a realistic tower goal. Below is a picture of us practicing shooting the rings into the goals! In the business/outreach sub-team, we have compiled our PR packet, business plan, and our budget proposal. We send our PR packet to potential sponsors, the business plan goes in depth about our team dynamics, and the budget proposal contains our funding requests for the year. The coding sub-team is working on attaching the distance sensor to the chassis, and we have to measure the heights of ring stacks in order to know which part of the code to run at each height. Most of this is for the start of the autonomous period, when the robot has to detect where the rings are. Super excited for the season!