Natick high school kickoff event!

The Winsor Wildbots are excited to kick off their fourth season with the FTC Challenge: Freight Frenzy! Our team has developed, expanded, and advanced since last year, and this year we started off with brainstorming to help us tackle the challenge. On September 18th, the Wildbots went to Natick High School to attend their FTC kickoff event. At the event, there were various workshops and lectures about outreach, coding, building, and mentor training, serving as great learning opportunities. Of course, they also played the game video for this season! As usual, there are two periods of the challenge: the autonomous period and the driver-controlled period. The main goals for the autonomous period are: to deliver a rubber duck via spinning a carousel, manage robot navigation (park at a certain place when the game ends), and place freight (small boxes and balls) on storage units and shipping hubs. During the Driver-Controlled Period, the goals are: delivering and placing freight in alliance shipping hub (three levels of difficulty), delivering freight to the alliance storage unit, delivering rubber ducks or team shipping element via a  spinning carousel, tipping the shared shipping hub towards our alliance, capping our alliance shipping hub, and parking in a warehouse. We have researched and come up with various designs for the most efficient strategies. We are excited to test more prototypes, build and code, and continue our journey through this season’s challenge!