announcement: two teams!

Last week, the heads of the Winsor Wildbots announced that we have officially registered for a second Winsor FTC team! Due to the high influx of new student members, we have around twice as many members as the people allowed per team based on FTC regulations. Therefore, we decided that the best course of action was to create two teams. From now on, our school robotics team is going to be altogether addressed under a general name: Winsor Robotics. One of our two teams will continue to be called the Winsor Wildbots (FTC #13620), and we are currently brainstorming the other team name (FTC #20409)! Although the implementation of two teams may seem like a clear divide between the members of Winsor Robotics, we will still be working together until we begin to near the first qualifier. We predict that our team will naturally divide into two separate groups based on who is working on which mechanism and code. In addition, the business sub-team will work together to create two separate engineering portfolios as well as two judging presentations. We are so excited that so many people want to join us this year and we can’t wait to see how this new team setup works out!