Andover FTC Qualifier Tournament

On February 12th, the Winsor Wildbots and the Winsor Wirecats attended the FTC qualifier for states at Andover High School! The Winsor Wildbots placed 18th based solely on scores during each match, and the Winsor Wirecats placed 10th. We are also excited to announce that both teams are invited to the MA state tournament on Saturday, March 5th!

In the morning, we had our judging presentations, which went very well for both teams. Our portfolios and outreach were highly praised, and the judges were very interested in our mechanisms as well as code. Then, matches were held for the rest of the day.

In addition to qualifying for states, the Winsor Wildbots won the Connect Award, dedicated to the team that connects the most with people and local STEM companies outside of the FTC community. Also, the Winsor Wirecats won the Motivate Award, awarded to the team that embodies the spirit of FIRST and shows enthusiasm for the overall philosophy of gracious professionalism.

We’re all so excited to attend states!