Results from the First Qualifier

We had a great experience at our first qualifier! We placed 6th out of 24 teams, and we were selected by the 3rd ranked team as alliance partners for the semi-final matches. We are excited for our second qualifier on February 9th!

First Qualifier

The season is well underway, and the Wildbots are excited to compete in their first qualifier of 2018-2019! On January 5th, the Wildbots will test their robot design in a series of matches. We look forward to meeting new teams and presenting the first iteration of our robot!

Second Qualifier

Our second qualifier was quite an experience! For most of the competition, we faced several problems with our robot: phone connectivity issues, static electricity interference, and wire confusion, just to name a few. Despite the issues we faced, we persevered and eventually pulled it together and worked hard until the end of the qualification matches. … Continue reading Second Qualifier

First Qualifier

We attended our first qualifier on January 6th at the Lexington High School. We had a lot of fun at this competition, and ended up placing 5th out of 19 teams! After the qualification matches, we were picked by the 2nd ranked team, The Canton Gearhounds to form an alliance for the semi-final matches. Unfortunately, … Continue reading First Qualifier